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LeJeune’s Best seasoning packs the heat with just the right amount of sweet. Buy it and try it today!


Only 6% daily value per serving!


Created in Lafayette, Louisiana

The Story Behind LeJeune’s Best.

Rooted in the heart of Acadiana, LeJeune’s Best carries quite a captivating narrative. Local founder, Nicholas LeJeune, is a proud graduate of both The University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Louisiana State University. A passionate football enthusiast, he maintains support for his alma maters and loves to watch professional football on Sundays. His love for local teams lead to his support of Cincinatti’s professional football team as he followed star players from his alma mater making the leap to the next level with them.

In his support, he found an online community of football fans from Louisiana and Ohio that wanted to embrace each other’s culture. Members joined together in sending care packages filled with foods from their respective cities. LeJeune prepared a package filled with local favorite snacks and seasonings and exchanged it with a fellow member from Cincinnati. 

This online community grew as the season went on. A local Cincinnati news station took notice and interviewed LeJeune See the article here. This comradery had grown bigger than football, as LeJeune said “I think it’s amazing how something as simple as a football game can bring people across the country together.”

Having sampled all the distinctive cuisines and immersing himself in Ohio locals’ admiration of our culture, LeJeune found inspiration to craft a seasoning blend bridging the two rich culinary traditions. He tried many different recipes mixing “Cajun Culture with just a pinch of Cincinnati” to create something that “Packs the heat with just the right amount of sweet”. LeJeune’s Best seasoning was born!

When it comes to grilling for friends and family on game day, LeJeune relies exclusively on his signature blend to craft mouthwatering dishes. Now, he’s eager to bring that same exceptional flavor into your kitchen for you to use everyday and twice on Sundays! 🏈 Try LeJeune’s Best Seasoning today!

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Nicholas LeJeune, Founder

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